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Thu Nov 15 16:52:41 EST 2007

On Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:27:51 +0100, "RK" <at from at.at> wrote:

>Is it true that brains cells isn't replaced, and if so, how about this? I 
>read in Dean Radins: 'The conscious universe' that the molecules in the 
>brain are replaced 10.000 times in a life time'. Can anybody here explain 
>this to a layman? 

When you say "brain cells aren't replaced" you really mean that
neurons don't divide to produce new cells.  It doesn't mean that you
constantly update and replace the specific parts of the old cells.

It is like fixing your car, replacing all the parts including the
engine and even the body compared with going out and buying a new car.

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