[Neuroscience] clarification on rat anaesthesia

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Fri Oct 12 04:07:56 EST 2007

Hullo doctor,
I am Dr.S.Rajamuthu working a project on rats nasal instillation.  On last
study we found profuse nasal discharge (mucoid, clear) when anasthetised
with ketamine and xylazine combination in 7 out of 40 rats and 4 died.
Our anasthetic protocol is as follows:
>From a cocktail of Ketamine 90mg and Xylazine 9 mg
we administer 0.1ml for 100g.
So far it went very well and this is the first time we are encountering
Our rats are 9 weeks old female Wistar rats
We are in need of your valuable suggestions in this regard...
Thank you
drrajamuthu from gmail.com

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