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after you've done with the books, take a look at what Rachel Mitchel, previ=
ously from Reading and now at Durham is doingkonstantin
> >> >>In your opinion, what's the best book out there on brain function> >=
>lateralization and the overall differences between the left and right> >>h=
emispheres of the brain?> >>> >>I'm looking for something that's based on v=
erified fact, not> >>speculation.> >> >You should start with Michael Gazzan=
iga, a pioneer in split brain> >studies. See his essay at> >> >http://cwx.p=
renhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/morris4/medialib/readings/split.html> >and se=
e the reading he suggests.> >> >See, also> >> >http://neuropsychological.bl=
ogspot.com/2005/08/well-worth-reading-dr-michael.html> >and try to get the =
Nature paper cited.> >> >and> >http://www.psych.ucsb.edu/people/faculty/gaz=
zaniga/publications/publications.php> >> Yes, Gazzaniga is a good reference=
, a bit dated, as am I, but a good start.> Here is a source that also hyper=
links into Gazzaniga and others :> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split_brain=
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