[Neuroscience] Re: recording from hippocampal slice cultures

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Mon Oct 22 21:40:01 EST 2007

On Oct 5, 10:31 am, "Karthik Rajasekaran" <k... from virginia.edu> wrote:
> Dear Members
> I am trying to perform patch clamp recordings from hippocampal slice
> cultures in our lab, but find it tough compared to recording from acute
> slices. Part of the problem, I think is that its difficult to securely
> anchor down the slice, the explants are attached to the Millipore
> membrane. When I try to reach a neuron that is slightly deeper (maybe 75
> microM), the whole slice moves. If someone has experience with recording
> from slice cultures, I would greatly appreciate receiving your advice on
> what should I do (and not do) when recording from slice cultures? Thank
> you so much.
> Sincerely,
> Karthik

Are you using a harp to hold the slice down?

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