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Dear Han,

you may use a switched single electrode amplifier for your recording, 
these work with  NO artifacts from series resistance. Please see  the 
following papers / book chapters:

Lalley, P. M., Moschovakis, A. K. and Windhorst, U. (1999). Electrical 
Activity of Individual Neurons in Situ: Extra- and Intracellular 
Recording, in: U. Windhorst and H. Johansson (eds.) Modern Techniques in 
Neuroscience Research, Springer, Berlin, New York

Richter, D. W., Pierrefiche, O., Lalley, P. M. and Polder, H. R. (1996). 
Voltage-clamp analysis of neurons within deep layers of the brain. 
J.Neurosci.Meth. 67, 121-131.

Sutor, B., Grimm, C., & Polder, H. R. (2003). Voltage-clamp-controlled 
current-clamp recordings from neurons: an electrophysiological technique 
enabling the detection of fast potential changes at preset holding 
potentials. Pflugers Arch. 446, 133-141.

Polder, H.R., M. Weskamp, K. Linz and R. Meyer
Voltage-Clamp and Patch-Clamp Techniques, Chapter 3.4, pp. 272-323 in 
Practical Methods in Cardiovascular Research
Dhein, Stefan; Mohr, Friedrich Wilhelm; Delmar, Mario (Eds.) 2005, ISBN: 

Best Regards

Hans Reiner Polder
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