[Neuroscience] Re: Good book about left brain/right brain

konstantin kouzovnikov via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by myukhome from hotmail.com)
Mon Oct 29 21:46:28 EST 2007

> >In any event, in your opinion, what would it take to register the influence of gravitational forces at cellular level? I am just curious.> > Plants detect the direction of gravity with starch granules{....}> possible to detect gravity and magnetic fields and electric fields. That was just great. Thanks!> But that is a far cry from saying that a theory of gravity or> electromagnetism has something to do with symmetry breaking in a> left-right side differentiation of brain function.  I just hope the fellow didn't mean to appear as simplistic as he is being understood.So, naturally, I see no reason to argue.
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