[Neuroscience] Re: why did humans grow a bigger neocortex?

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Incorrect, many animals engage in very complex behaviors in order to kill
and maim. And yes they even do it just because they can. Warfare arises
because of our success and the need for the resources, not vice versa.
Typically anyway, but for my money for every rule one creates about human
behavior one can find another bloody exception ...

> WAR.  Human beings are the only animal where GROUPS go to war against one
> another.  This puts major environmental pressure on the abilitity to work
> a team (to achieve a social act) - which requires more social complexity
> more communication abilities.  This has pushed human evolution BEYOND
> (the level of other animals) because only another human group poses a
> substantial threat to a human group (no other natural threat is as
> Ironically, it is human warfare that has given us all our gifts of
> intelligence.
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> > Hello,
> >
> > I've been wondering why human beings alone have that big, unique and
> > complex cortex. Can you help me with your views?
> >
> > --
> > rAgAv
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