[Neuroscience] Language Processing

Elke via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by sandpiper.69 from gmail.com)
Tue Sep 4 17:00:58 EST 2007

I am interested in how the brain processes sound into recognizable
speech, and is able to produce output.  Can one have a problem,
disfunction, in Wernickes Area, yet produce speech?  And conversely,
if one can recognize speech but not produce it verbally (yet can do
sign language) and is not deaf, what brain areas would be involved?

Also, is there any relationship to language disorders and Sylvian
Fissure anomalies?

Finally, if you can find a way to alter brain chemistry early in
childhood, enough so that a typical state is achieved, can a
fundamental error (genetic problem perhaps) be overcome, relying on
synaptic plasticity as a saviour?


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