[Neuroscience] Re: A Study that claims to have discovered a genetic correlation to "Schizophrenia"

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Tue Apr 1 18:47:40 EST 2008

On Mar 28, 11:20 am, "ken" <suffici... from havagoodday.org> wrote:
> Earlier this 'evening', I heard a
> report, by John Hamilton, on NPR's
> =All Things Considered=.

> Even if the genetic material that was
> analyzed was collected, say, from
> the "Skin", be-cause [as I've reitera-
> tively-discussed, over the 'years' here
> in b.n, Immune-System function is a
> form of Cognition that's under the com-
> plete control of 'the' nervous system,

No it isn't, I consider the immune and CNS to have a "tortured"

> an epigenetic phenomenon would
> still be instantiated, via Immune-Sys-
> tem function

Wrong, epigenetics involves changes in gene transcription(methylation,
acetylation), not gene changes. It has bugger all to do with immune
function but rather chromatin dynamics.

[which is an absolute-
> necessity if Immune-System function
> is to remain able to Discern between
> "Self" and "not-Self".

Old model, never use it, very misleading. You haven't read enough
literature. Look up Polly Mattzinger. Try "Danger Model" . See this


Brilliant immune website.

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