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Hi everyone,
I'm new on this forum and here is my first question. Do you have =
experience with TOPRO3. I commonly use it to stain DNA for confocal =
imaging and it compares well to TOTO3 or IP for example because it does =
not stain RNA and therefore you don't need to go through RNAse =
treatment. The problem is that the staining intensity of the nucleus can =
show variations from one experiment to the other. I feel that TOPRO3 =
might be rather fragile and staining efficiency might be affected after =
a few months storage of TOPRO3 at -20=B0C even if you take care to avoid =
repeted freeze/thaw. What is your experience? Also what is the best =
fixative for DNA staining (I commonly use PFA 4%)?
Thank You


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