[Neuroscience] Re: Brain Works More Chaotically Than Previously Thought

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> Indeed! It is the soup (as I have been saying) that also contributes
> to "information processing"; not only the extracellular soup, but the
> soup/structures/functions within each neuron as well; much of which,
> it is presumed, has chaotic aspects, albeit with some emergent goals
> that seem to lend themselves to autopoiesis.- Hide quoted text -

The system is anatomically more complex than commonly thought - DOH,
the more we learn, the less we realize we understand.

However, it's a little unclear why the author of the article chose to
use the word "chaotic". More conflation of ideas, I think.

I was interested in this because of concepts like "volume transmission"(in 
that regard the dynamics of nitric oxide is very interesting) and some 
material I had read a few years stating the existence of glutamate receptors 
on axons. The question is whether or not these axonal synapses and vesicles 
actually contribute towards function or are just "leftovers" from 
developmental processes.

Thanks for the references Joe. 

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