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Sun Apr 20 11:35:44 EST 2008

>The system is anatomically more complex than commonly thought - DOH,
>the more we learn, the less we realize we understand.

>However, it's a little unclear why the author of the article chose to
>use the word "chaotic". More conflation of ideas, I think.
Using a child's wave machine filled with a blue wax and oil mixture with 
water floating on top to illustrate
the "chaotic" relationships.

You can put information into the "soup" of the wave machine in the form of 
highly complex three dimensional waves.

If you add the height of the waves and the reverse for the water the 
information or power spectrum over the information in the
wave machine is zero because it is a complex opponent-processing system.

The system is said to be chaotic because it is non linear and can not be 
predicted using conventional methods.

Chaotic does not mean it is not orderly or beyond comprehension, it just 
means at this time we
do not have adequate tools to understand the relationships completely.

Ron Blue
Correlational Holographic Opponent Processing

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