[Neuroscience] Re: Cuttting solutions for electrophysiology

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Sun Dec 7 08:55:33 EST 2008

I read a book introduced the role of ascorbate. But in the book, the
author used two words: sodium ascorbate and ascorbate acid. Do you
know which one work on acsf for inhibting edema?
I had cutted inferior olive slice in 14d-22d rats. The health of slice
of >18d is too bad. All of cells are swelled. The cells of 14d are
good for recording. I had asked Yosi Yarom's Research Lab for the
methods of brain stem. They suggest intracardiac perfussion is the
first step. After perfussion, they use a strange solution for  cutting
slice. The solution is (mM):glucose 10, KCl 5, NaHCO3 26, CaCl2 2.4,
KH2PO4 1.2, MgSO4 1.3, Surcose 124.  The osmotic pressure is about
200. After cutting, they use normal acsf replace the cutting solution.
I had asked them for the reason of low osmotic cutting solution. They
also did know the reason. But they think it work. Do you know heard
about it and know the reason?

I tried the method according their advises. But the slices are still
unhealth. I think there are other tips that I don't notice, specially
in taking out the brain stem.

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