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5 Postdoc-Positions in Neurotechnology


  <http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/> Logo_BFNT_web.jpg


Neurotechnology is a rapidly growing field of research, thriving to repair,
replace or 

support physical functions affected by nervous system diseases by technical

At the Bernstein Focus for Neurotechnology (BFNT) we exploit electrical and 
chemical signals recorded in the brain to control external or implanted

The BFNT efforts are organized in projects on fundamental neurotechnological
the development of new techniques, clinical testing and neuroethical


Postdoc-Positions are available in the following projects:

.          Co-Adaptivity of brain
<http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/Research/projA/A3> and computer:
Interaction of two learning signals 
(Project A3)

.          Defined  <http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/Research/projA/A5>
stimulus-response functions in active networks
(Project A5)

.          Improving  <http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/Research/projB/B3>
microelectrodes for single cell recordings in the human brain 
(Project B3) 

.           <http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/Research/projB/B4> NEURONLINE -
System for the on-site/on-line monitoring of neuronal population activity 
(Project B4)

.        Neuroethics  <http://www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/Research/projC/C6> &
Neurotechnology: Emerging questions from hybrid brains
(Project C6)


Further details on: www.bfnt.uni-freiburg.de/jobs



-- Dr. Janina Kirsch --
Coordinator for the BCCN Teaching & Training Programs
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg 
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Phone: +49 (0) 761 203-9575
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