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Sat Dec 20 21:52:21 EST 2008

Hi Claudio,

It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who uses a security camera for
IR-DIC! If you just want to take pictures, then the DAGE-IR100 is
excellent. Its great for IR-DIC, and has excellent sensitivity for its
price. It doesn't come with any software/capture card etc, however now
days you can get a capture card with a video port for ~$50. You can
set up digital pulses to control exposure time, but you probably wont
need to, to capture lucifer yellow. If you're looking for a camera
built for this kind of stuff, and it will allow you do to ROI
analysis, binning, etc for Ca2+ experiments, one of the cheapest
cameras that I know of is the Diagnostic Instruments Pursuit range,
which are about 11,000 US.

If someone knows a better deal let everyone know.

On Dec 9, 1:13 am, "Claudio Elgueta Zuñiga" <claudi... from gmail.com>
> Hey guys:
>                 I need to buy a camera to take some pictures of my Lucifer
> Yellow filled cells after myvoltage clamp experiments, using a Olympus
> microscope with infrared DIC optic. Anyone knows about a cheap digital
> camera with good infrared sensitivity and a decent resolution?. Currently
> I´m using a analog security camera, but it has a poor resolution and the
> software I have to acquire images is not so good also.
> Best regards, Claudio.
> --
> Claudio Elgueta
> Bioquímico Universidad de Chile
> Programa doctorado en ciencias mención neurociencias, Universidad de
> Valparaíso.
> Centro de neurociencias de Valparaíso.
> Gran Bretaña 1111
> 032-2508186

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