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Hi Katharine, good question and a great place to ask it. I would say 5 is
certainly good, and 15 is better given that during times of economic
hardship people seek refuge in academia. As far as picking the best place
goes, I would recommend contacting some of the PI's you are
interested in and having an informal discussion with them regarding
projects/positions. One good place to do this would be to go to the
annual SFN meeting and try to meet as many of your chosen PI's (as well as
their post-doc and grad-students) in person. Having a personal
meeting, makes you more memorable from the stacks of 100's of applications
they may have to sift through, but also will tell you whether
there may be a personality conflict. Being a grad student that's about as
much as I can tell you, feel free to contact me if you have any further



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> Subject: [Neuroscience] Neuroscience programs: Got a list, need tips.
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> Hello!  This is my first post.
> I have a list of some PhD programs I'd like to apply to, but I need a
> little bit more advice as to how to narrow it down.  I'm an undergrad and
> have a little time before I start applying to grad schools, so I'm narrowing
> them down ahead of time before I start applying so I won't spend excess time
> worrying about where to apply when I start applying.
> There are apparently a whole LOT of places, more than I expected (around
> 30), concerning sufficiently related projects to what I want to do (although
> what 'sufficiently' is, I'm not completely sure, and I need a better idea of
> how to really refine that).  How do I narrow it down to a reasonable number,
> and what is a reasonable number to apply to?  I've heard anywhere from as
> few as 5 to as many as 15.
> Thanks -
> kldickson from wisc.edu
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