[Neuroscience] Re: Brain stem slices? Agar?

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Wed Feb 27 19:32:38 EST 2008

Thanks for your Advice Matthew.

On Feb 27, 4:33 pm, Matthew Kirkcaldie
<Matthew.Kirkcal... from removethis.utas.andthis.edu.au> wrote:
> #1, but then try agar if it breaks apart. The pyramidal tracts will be
> your principal physical barrier.
> As for the agar - dissolve the agar in very hot water as usual, draw
> about 5ml into a 20ml syringe, aspirate about 10ml of air through it (or
> run cold water around the outside, tip it up to push the air out,
> repeat, until it's just warm on your skin (like testing a baby's
> bottle). At that point you have about 2-3 minutes before it sets. About
> a teaspoon per 100ml saline gives a consistency like brain tissue.
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