[Neuroscience] Re: New article/reserach-finding relevant to the Actention Selection Serving System

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Tue Jan 1 23:11:18 EST 2008

The article allows me to remain logically (as well as intuitively) confident 
that my bet - that I have correctly (or not altogether wrongly or inEPTly) 
concluded that the basal ganglia contains one of the most central and 
important "actention module switching stations" (within a  sufficiently 
evolved/brainy neuromuscular animal's Actention Selection Serving System") - 
is a safe one.

It also allow me to keep thinking that I have a philosophically finalized 
Foremost Overview Of Truth that is well placed. %}

"Entertained by my own EIMC" <write_to_eimc from ozemail.com.au> wrote in message 
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> The concEPT "actention modules" has yet another scientific indicator.
> See http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/v11/n1/abs/nn2024.html
> The concEPT refers to a modularity that is on the whole of course not 
> neatly localized. As far as some modules are being simultaneously active 
> (or environmentally and/or endogenously activated) AND functionally 
> incompatible, they do as if 'compete' against each other [as if for 'the 
> prize' of becoming a "paid" actention" (i.e. 'paid' in the neurochemical 
> 'currency' of neurometabolic resources) or (IOW) for becoming a 
> transiently "dominant" actention (within the repertoire of a neuromuscular 
> individual's Actention Selection Serving Systems)] by the functural means 
> of mutual ("lateral") inhibition, and this whilst the competing modules 
> are being as if encouraged (or as if 'cheered on') by excitatory sensory 
> signaling or as if discouraged (or as if 'booed') by inhibitory sensory 
> signaling prompted by present _and past_ environmental factors or features 
> of influence.

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