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Fri Jan 25 16:51:53 EST 2008

In article <2008012510315816807-ben from work>, Ben <ben from work> wrote:

> Does anybody know: If two neurons (presynaptic A and postsynaptic B)  
> are close together, will the synaptic efficacy from A to B be higher 
> than if they were further apart, or does physical location really not 
> matter?
> TIA,
> Ben.

Depends on the synapse, and the proximity of the synapse to the soma of 
the postsynaptic cell (as well as the geometry of the dendrite it's on), 
not how close it is to the presynaptic cell.

Case in point: synaptic efficacy of Betz cells in the motor cortex on 
motor neurons in the caudal spinal cord, a metre away.

      Cheers, MK.

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