[Neuroscience] question of inferior olive slice

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Wed Jun 18 19:47:38 EST 2008

Hi! everyone. Recently, I was cutting inferior olive sagittal slice in
rats (about 20d, female and male) and doing patch on these.
Unfortunately, the health of slice always was too bad. As you know,
the inferior olive is at very superficial position of ventral brain
stem. When I extract the brain stem, I feel it is too difficult to
avoid hurting the inferior olive. And there is a layer of meninge
adhering on the surface of inferior olive. It is almost impossible to
cut off meninges clearly in 20d rats during my operation. So the brain
stem is always extruded during cutting process. But if I clean the
meninges before cutting, it is ease to drag the tissue, even operation
carefully. How can I do for avoiding these?
Yosi Yarom's Research Lab use sucrose ACSF to cut inferior olive
slice. The concentration of sucrose is about 124mM in their cutting
solution( for example: J Neurophysiol 85:1686-1696, 2001.
http://jn.physiology.org/cgi/content/full/85/4/1686#BIBL). And there
are no NaCl in cutting solution. But this solution is a kind of low
osmotic pressure, about 220 mOsm. I feel it is strange. Do you know
the principle or reason of it?

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