[Neuroscience] Re: What electrophysiology software are people using?

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Tue Jun 24 08:14:33 EST 2008

On Jun 24, 12:40 pm, Bill <connelly.b... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to find software that is actually functional for the
> detection and subsequent analysis of spontaneous synaptic events. I've
> tried using MiniAnalysis, which works, but is very unstable and about
> as user friendly as a rusting syringe. We acquire data using CEDs
> spike2, however it is no good for rejecting/accepting events, and it
> doesn't have the necessary Stats (KS tests). For what ever reason, I
> can't get WinEDR to open our data, and I can't get "Serf" (http://www.bram.org/serf/serf.php) to work. Axograph isn't available on PC
> yet.
> What is pCLAMP like? Does anyone have any software that they would
> actually recommend?

In our lab, we use pClamp to analyze the electrophysiological data. I
know that it have a function named event detection. Our interesting is
not on sEPSCs or mEPSCs, so I don't use this function for synaptic
works. But I had used it to detect the events of action potential. I
feel it good for me. I think the principle of detecting these two
kinds of events are same. You can try to use pCLAMP 9.0 or higher
edition (this function is added after 9.0)
The problem: I don't know whether the filetype of your acquiring data
could be opened by pCLAMP.  But the axon file also have two column:
time and amplitude. The difference of difference data filetype may be
at the head of files. The follow is a example of axon file -- *.abf.

ATF	1.0
7	2
"SignalsExported=IN #15"
"Signals="	"IN #15"
"Time (s)"	"Trace #1 (pA)"
0	-1.31836
4e-4	-1.51367
8e-4	-1.46484
0.0012	-1.51367
0.0016	-1.41602
0.002	-1.26953
0.0024	-1.5625
0.0028	-1.31836

I hope it can help you! good luck!

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