[Neuroscience] Re: The Value of Placebo

John Hasenkam via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by johnh from goawayplease.com)
Wed Mar 5 21:21:45 EST 2008

Hey Glen,

Thanks for the data check. I've never liked the casual dismissal of the 
Place Effect nor the willy nilly way in which it is invoked. An old friend 
of mine suggested that the appellation needs to be in the plural because 
there are many varieties of placebo and different processes seem to be at 
play. Another case where the name leads the cognition astray.

Would such an effect be noted simply for larger numeric values(eg. more of 
the active agent in pill X, or a casual remark: we find this pill better 
but- or AND -  its cheaper) or is it money specific? What would happen if 
this experiment were replicated in cultures where there are different over 
arching imperatives other than money? Can a person's cognitive performance 
be enhanced by placebo?

Good to see people still researching this area, it has been too much 



"Glen M. Sizemore" <gmsizemore2 from yahoo.com> wrote in message 
news:47cf128f$0$24664$ed362ca5 from nr2.newsreader.com...
>I just looked at those data today - the effect looked pretty robust.
> "John Hasenkam" <johnh from goawayplease.com> wrote in message 
> news:13stbls364keoaa from corp.supernews.com...
>> You Get What You Pay For? Costly Placebo Works Better Than Cheap One
>> ScienceDaily (Mar. 5, 2008) - A 10-cent pill doesn't kill pain as well as 
>> a $2.50 pill, even when they are identical placebos, according to a 
>> provocative study by Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke 
>> University. ....
>> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/03/080304173339.htm
> I just looked at those data today - the effect looked pretty robust.

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