[Neuroscience] Re: The Value of Placebo

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Thu Mar 6 00:52:41 EST 2008

 > Can a person's cognitive performance
> be enhanced by placebo?

Hi John,
Firstly, the kind of actention (or attention but for my recognition of a 
requirement that what we do, think, and feel be understood on a common 
concEPTual ground :>) that a placebo pill implies, is, by any reasonable 
definition, cognitive.

Boosts of beneficial beliefs (via pain-controlling/blocking neural 
mechanisms - hence having relatively health-giving effects) beliefs can 
surely be had from "precisely put and positive words produced via a 
"tongue" as much as placebo-pills can be placed on one (tongue) and 
swallowed (given a properly prepared placebo-promoting attitude).

It is only anecdotal, but it makes sense, that by whatever way that a 
person is made to feel less listless or more alert and to have a 
positive outlook on life - as opposed made to feel inferior or 
inadequate - would tend to make them 'underperform' in test of all kinds 
of intelligence.

IOW, it seems reasonable to me that placebos ought to be able to affect 
the cognitive performance of at least some people - only less so (or not 
at all) on people that are not easily (or not at all) hypnotizable.



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