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I think what we have access to first-person experience is the very
part that can be commuted via a symbol-based social network, and this
part is not even equal to one's introspection. Maybe the brain imaging
provides a window into the unconsciousness of first-person experience,
and psychological analysis is what can be shared within a social
community. However, there is still a small part of our inner life that
remains what I know and you don't know. It is of survival value to
individual existence since no one want to be predicted as it were
exactly by others.

> Unfortunately, nonthing in that paper tells us how to account for
> first-person experience, which is the most irrefutable aspect of our
> existence.  Psychology has a chance, AI on its current tracks has no chance,
> and neither does  neuroscience as received; only the addition of an
> introspective approach (appreciated by some psychologists over a long time
> span of history) will find out what consciousness is; what the first-person
> experience is.  There is a case to be made that the fields are
> complementary; introspection would add important data /explanadums those
> other fields are supposed to be providing analysis and explanation of!
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