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> Unfortunately, nonthing in that paper tells us how to account for
> first-person experience, which is the most irrefutable aspect of our
> existence. Psychology has a chance, AI on its current tracks has no 
> chance,
> and neither does neuroscience as received; only the addition of an
> introspective approach (appreciated by some psychologists over a long time
> span of history) will find out what consciousness is;


Good grief, Charlie Brown [to plagiarize a well-known phrase], what
introspective miracle is going to occur in the future, and that hasn't
over the past 2400 years or so, to provide some enlightenment on
ness and first-person experience? Philosophy will magically solve the
via some newly-minted word-game?

No; but a scientific approach to the data ammassed by such introspective 
reports can lend insight into what kinds of mechanisms might be responsible 
for them, and importantly, what can be ruled out as purported NCCs of such.

>     what the first-person
> experience is. There is a case to be made that the fields are
> complementary; introspection would add important data /explanadums those
> other fields are supposed to be providing analysis and explanation of!

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