[Neuroscience] Peristaltic Pump for rat perfusion/flash freezing

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Mon Sep 1 00:15:12 EST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I am wondering if anyone can share with me there experiences using a 
peristaltic pump for perfusions (e.g., what specific equipment, tubing size, 
flow rate settings). Currently, I am using a Masterflex L/S economy drive 
pump for our perfusions and have noticed some inconsistent results from time 
to time which I believe might be related to our setup for perfusion. Any 
help would be appreciated.

Lastly, does anyone have experience flash freezing tissue using liquid N2 
cooled isopentane? If so, could you share with me your specific setup. I 
have explored some alternatives (e.g., dry ice, isopentante/dry ice 
slurries) and my experience suggests that liquid N2/isopentante produces the 
best results (but not as perfect as I would like), so I would like to get a 
little more detail of  what most people are using.  I have far more 
experience sectioning on a vibrating microtome and I am not use to seeing 
freeze fracture artifacts (i.e., swiss chesse effect), so I tend  to--maybe 
unrealistically--have a fairly high standard for tissue quality.

Thanks in advance,


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