[Neuroscience] Ca2+ current recording in slices?

Sibylle Guggenmoos-Schreyer via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by sibylle.guggenmoos from uniklinik-freiburg.de)
Wed Apr 22 16:56:10 EST 2009

hey there,
thanks a lot for your quick replies and possible solutions! I am  
probably going to try the Catterall dissociation technique, but as I  
am under some time pressure it would be better if I could solve my  
problem with Ca2+ current recording in the acute hippocampal slices.
Has anyone experienced that in slices, Ca2+ currents are insensitive  
to channel blockers, e.g. conotoxin? Currents show an initial rundown  
but after that, a stable baseline normally persists. I have ruled out  
an application error, and Na+ and K+ currents are sufficiently  
blocked. Series resistance doesn't increase a lot  during the  
Again, I'd be delighted if someone had a possible explanation!

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