[Neuroscience] Re: Heka amplifier problem

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Fri Dec 11 17:01:55 EST 2009

I've never seen an error like that.

Do you still get it when you have a model cell plugged into the
headstage or just a resistor between the headstage earth and the
signal pin? What about if you unplug the headstage from the back of
the amp? I've seen something similar that was caused by a broken
headstage. When you unplugged the headstage, the amp started behaving

I'm also wondering, are you sure it is saying "LO BAT". Just because
A's and T's are are hard to write on your standard LCD.

On Dec 11, 9:27 am, Claudio Elgueta Zuñiga <claudi... from gmail.com>
> Hi friends:
>       My patch clamp amplifier, a HEKA EPC 7 plus,  has completely gone
> mad.The clipping LED is constantly on, and in the LCD displays a message "LO
> BAT"  and numbers that doesn´t make sense.
>  Has anybody experienced this problem. Any battery inside this amplifier?
> Obviously this happens now that I have to get some results for the next
> week.
> I have unplugged everything except the power cable.
> Thandks in advance, Claudio.
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