[Neuroscience] Re: intracellular AMPAR blocker for in vivo experiments.

Christian Wilms via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by usenet02 from out-of-phase.de)
Tue Feb 10 19:24:22 EST 2009

> What do you think you're chances are if you picospritzed the drug on?
> You should be able to get a drug application electrode in their first,
> and the blowing of CNQX shouldn't distrupt your patch very often (it
> doesn't in slices).

Spritzing deep in the tissue can get seriously complicated. Since you're
lacking visual feedback, handling two pipettes is difficult and
collisions likely. While there are labs doing dual patch recordings in
vivo, there aren't many and even they tend to find it difficult ...

Just my 2 cents - sorry it's not more positive.

Cheers, Christian

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