[Neuroscience] Re: Why does one side of the brain control the opposite side of the body?

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>Dear Friends,
>I am looking for a clear and precise answer for my question  Why does one
>side of the brain control the opposite side of the body?
>Please help me to find an answer this question.
>Looking forward with interest to hear from you.

First, you should know that this crossover (decussation is the
technical term) is a peculiarity of vertebrates.  Most animals don't
show it.

Here is a discussion on this subject I participated in five years ago


That describes my hypothesis that it was just a glitch in the
left-right embryological determination system.  There have been
adaptationist explanations and connectionist explanations but there is
still no really satisfactory and generally accepted view.

Here is a connectionist argument


Here is an adaptationist explanation

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