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Dear Letizia and Bill,
we had also severe problems with the neurons from rat embryos.
This changed a lot, when we were testing Neurobasal A medium from  
Invitrogen (please remember, I do not intend to do a PR show here,  
it's only help!!!).
We tried many things, like low oxygen, low osmolarity, sandwich  
coverslip culture, astrocyte feeding layer (which seems to be really  
great, but we have problems with the layer...), different media from  
many companies and suffered through all this, sometimes great  
cultures, sometimes only dead cells in the well / dish.
After all we started using this literature-source as background:
Acute Effects of Ethanol on Kainate Receptors with Different Subunit  
Compositions, Valenzuela, Cardoso2, JPET  March 1, 1999   vol. 288   
no. 3  1199-1206

This has nothing to do with our research, but is providing very good  
and stable culture results.

I can provide you our actual protocol, if you want, but this should be  
done out of the list.

But remember, that the pattern of morphology/ type of the neurons in  
this culture is quite different from embryonal cultures.

Best regards


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> Adult cortical neuronal cell culture? Yes, it is difficult to get any
> live neurons in your cell culture. We always work with either E16-17
> or P1-3. For adult neuronal culture you need to do all kinds of
> dissociation, gradient separation, and neurotrophic stuff (at least in
> my experience). Do some searches for adult neuronal culture methods
> and I think you'll see what I mean.
> On Nov 14, 9:44 am, letizia polito <letizia.pol... from gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does anyone work with hippocampal or cortical adult neurons? What are the
>> main problems vs embrional or postnatal cultures? It is difficult to have a
>> neuronal preparation not contaminated by microglia?
>> Thank you everyone.
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