[Neuroscience] young rat's pain aversive behavior, and patch clamp analysis

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Hi, guys,
I have several questions to ask, and hope you guys can help me solve it.
Does anyone know that when the young rats begin to show the right pain aversive behavior?
Or can the young rats have similar aversive behavior to painful stimuli as the adult ones?
We know for pyramidal neurons in cortex, they show a tendency of spike frequency adaption,
How can I quantitatively compare frequency accommodation of spikes evoked by depolarizing currents among different experimental groups?

Q3, in our experiment, we observed increases in amplitude, frequency, and half-width of sEPSCs, so we think the changes are both presynaptic and postsynaptic mechanisms. On the other hand, we also  observed that the frequency of mEPSCs was increase without affecting their amplitude and half-width. This observation on mEPSCs indicates the presynaptic but not postsynaptic mechanism . What are the reasons for this discrepancy are?
In my opinion, this is because sEPSCs is action potential dependent, when got stimulated, a lot of glutamate will be released. Considering there are always enough receptors postsynaptically, therefore, for sEPSCs, there are increase of amplitude and half width.
However, for mEPSC, which reflects the quanta release, therefore, only the probability for presynaptic transmitter release was increased.
Therefore, combined the results from sEPSC and mEPSC, still only presynaptic changes took place.
Am I right?
Thank you all guys.
Have a good weekend.

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