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Possible Explanation of

Autism Research 2010: Geographic distribution of autism in California: a 
retrospective birth cohort analysis

Copyright 2010, James Michael Howard, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

I suggest that increased maternal testosterone produces autism in offspring. 
.There is research which suggests this possibility. It is also my hypothesis 
that the "secular trend," the increase in size and earlier puberty occurring 
in children, is caused by an increase in the percentage of individuals of 
higher testosterone. More specifically, I suggest this is due to an increase 
in the percentage of mothers of higher testosterone with time within the 
population. This exposes more fetuses to increased maternal testosterone 
with time within the population. I suggest this is the cause of the parallel 
increase in morbidity occurring within the population, such as obesity, 
cancer and breast cancer, diabetes, etc. This may explain why autism is 

Black, maternal testosterone is higher than white. One might expect, 
therefore, that black women would produce more autistic offspring. The 
explanation is that they produce excess testosterone that does not allow an 
autistic individual to be born. Support is in the fact that black women 
produce more low birth weight, premature, and small for gestational age 
offspring than whites. Their "share" of autistic children are either hidden 
within this group or they are simply aborted.

It is a proven fact that women of higher testosterone are more intelligent
and they are increasing 
 ). If you will read this, you will see that the same phenomenon, the 
secular trend, is increasing the percentage of women of higher intelligence. 
That is, this is occurring among a group of women of lower testosterone; 
they have not become excessive in testosterone levels. This group is white 
women. Since education may be interrupted by excessive testosterone, I 
suggest women of lower socioeconomic levels are higher testosterone 
producers. Lack of education segregates these women from areas where women 
of higher education exist.

I suggest this group of women are reaching levels of testosterone that are 
negatively affecting their offspring; this group of highly educated women is 
increasing and increasingly producing autistic offspring.

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