[Neuroscience] Cheapest EEG analysis system?

Hayder Hussein via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by hayder978 from yahoo.com)
Thu Jun 10 18:45:18 EST 2010

Good day,

I saw your informative reply in the email list archive in 2004 (pasted in the 
end of my email).
Does the situation changed from that time now?

 want to buy an EEG analyzer software. I googled a little bit and found 
BESA, EMSE , g.BS Analyze , 
BrainVision Analyzer 2 , WinEEG version
 2.83.42 (MARCH 10).

What is your opinion about these, what is 
the best in your opinion. What about others that may be I missed.
 is open source EEGLAB comparable with them?

Your opinion is very
 important for me!

Many thanks
Haider Al-Wasiti, M.D.M.Sc. student - Biomedical Engineering/UPM
wasiti from mutiara.upm.edu.my
hayder from wasiti.net

> On 18 Feb 2004 08:42:09 -0800,
> delaflorm at hotmail.com (Manuel Delaflor)
> wrote:
> } I need 64 channels, all the equipment including software.
> Does someone
> } sells used Neuroscans, for example? I bet there are wat
> cheaper
> } equipments out there, but I dont know anyone.
> } 
> } All suggestions welcomed.
> You can get a new 64 channel BioSemi Active Two EEG system
> for the
> price of a 32 channel Neuroscan system. Technologically it
> is two
> steps beyond anything else.
> http://www.biosemi.com/
> Definitely do not try the  Neuroscan 40 channel
> portable. You might
> find some of those for sale. There are good reasons why
> people would
> want to sell them.
> For analysis I recommend BrainVision Analyzer. It does more
> things
> better than any other package available. Also, their tech
> support is
> the best I've found. They're glad to answer questions on
> theory, not
> just on their product, In fact they answered correctly a
> question
> about Neuroscan's analysis algorithm that Neuroscan
> answered
> incorrectly.
> http://brainproducts.com/index_main.html
> The US distributor for both of these is Cortech Solutions
> (contact
> info listed on both sites). He'd probably also be the one
> to serve
> Mexico.
> An alternative for acquisition and analysis software is
> WinEEG from
> Russia. It's almost as capable as Analyzer, and if you have
> your own
> amps, or find some old Grass amps or something, this would
> probably be
> the cheapest way to start. It's difficult to use though.
> The manual is
> not good at all, and the tech support is poor.
> Unless you have the money to pay someone to be a full time
> Matlab
> programmer, I wouldn't waste my time with that. I went that
> route and
> had far more down time than with even the worst commercial
> equipment
> and software.


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