[Neuroscience] Alpha & Beta equations in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model

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Mon Nov 1 14:59:40 EST 2010

I am trying to solve the Hodgkin-Huxley Model and I keep going around
in circles.  I have seen on the net and in my books so many different
ways to write the alpha and beta equations that I am dizzy.  Since
this is not field of expertise, I get lost with what I call
biophysics.  The math is no problem.

One I just ran into on the internet used a different voltage for each
and every one.  I thought you just used membrane voltage such as V or
for a value 65 mV.

In the book "From Computer to Brain", by W. W. Lytton, pg 332 they use
In the book "Biophysics of Computation" by C. Koch, he uses V, but
they are different equations.  Also he through in Tau equations, page

And each and every book, and program such as the Neuron, SNAP, and so
on all have there own.

Also if you don't mind what other equation should I use, such as C dV/
dt = -Im(t), where Im(t)= gNa(t) [V(t)-ENa] + gK(t) [V(t)-EK] + gleak
[V(t) - Eleak], or what


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