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On Nov 2, 10:59 am, rays <ray.subha... from gmail.com> wrote:
> On Nov 2, 12:59 am, "pennsylvaniaj... from gmail.com"
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> > I am trying to solve the Hodgkin-Huxley Model and I keep going around
> > in circles.  I have seen on the net and in my books so many different
> > ways to write the alpha and beta equations that I am dizzy.  Since
> > this is not field of expertise, I get lost with what I call
> > biophysics.  The math is no problem.
> > One I just ran into on the internet used a different voltage for each
> > and every one.  I thought you just used membrane voltage such as V or
> > for a value 65 mV.
> > In the book "From Computer to Brain", by W. W. Lytton, pg 332 they use
> > V.
> > In the book "Biophysics of Computation" by C. Koch, he uses V, but
> > they are different equations.  Also he through in Tau equations, page
> > 146.
> > And each and every book, and program such as the Neuron, SNAP, and so
> > on all have there own.
> > Also if you don't mind what other equation should I use, such as C dV/
> > dt = -Im(t), where Im(t)= gNa(t) [V(t)-ENa] + gK(t) [V(t)-EK] + gleak
> > [V(t) - Eleak], or what
> > Thanks
> > Jake
> The GENESIS simulator book has detailed discussion of the original
> Hodgkin-Huxley model :http://www.genesis-sim.org/GENESIS/iBoG/iBoGpdf/chapt4.pdf
> m_inf/tau_m and alpha/beta are different forms of the same equations.
> The same book chapter can resolve your second doubt. You can always
> check out the classic paper by Hodgkin and Huxley.
> My impression is that NEURON uses the equations for m' and h' with
> m_inf, tau_m, h_inf, tau_h for Na+ channels.
> Best,
>   Subha

Thank you Subha
Do you know if they were ever release the GENESIS for windows?

Thanks again

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