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Shabrine Daftary via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by shabrine.daftary from tufts.edu)
Thu Nov 18 11:00:31 EST 2010

Could you please post


Can someone please tell me how they make their Cesium Gluconate internal 
patch solution. I am aware that you titrate Gluconic acid with 
CsOH.However, while the calculated osmolarity works out to just under 
310 mOsm, the actual measured osmolarity is always much higher in the 
vicinity of 355 mOsm. Objective is to record Ca currents in slices.This 
should be simple enough and perhaps I will just decrease the amount of 
Cs-gluconate, but any suggestions would help.

The recipe is (in mM):Cs-gluconate 120; HEPES 10; EGTA 10; CaCl2 0.5; 
Mg-ATP 4; Na-GTP 0.4; TEA-Cl 20.

Thanks in advance

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