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Sun Nov 21 02:02:27 EST 2010

You can't "calculate" the osmolarity. Only measure it. Just water it

Also, if I was you, I would put in some Phosphocreatine. You'll get a
lot less Ca current run down.

On Nov 19, 5:00 am, Shabrine Daftary <shabrine.daft... from tufts.edu>
> Could you please post
> Hello,
> Can someone please tell me how they make their Cesium Gluconate internal
> patch solution. I am aware that you titrate Gluconic acid with
> CsOH.However, while the calculated osmolarity works out to just under
> 310 mOsm, the actual measured osmolarity is always much higher in the
> vicinity of 355 mOsm. Objective is to record Ca currents in slices.This
> should be simple enough and perhaps I will just decrease the amount of
> Cs-gluconate, but any suggestions would help.
> The recipe is (in mM):Cs-gluconate 120; HEPES 10; EGTA 10; CaCl2 0.5;
> Mg-ATP 4; Na-GTP 0.4; TEA-Cl 20.
> Thanks in advance
> SDaftary

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