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> >> >What equation is used to find the membrane voltage in a neuron?
> >> >eq1.  membrane voltage = membrane current x specific membrane
> >> >resistance x (1 - Exp ^ (-time/tau).
> >> >eq2.  membrane voltage = (1/capacitance) x (current x voltage/
> >> >resistance)
> >> >eq1 from "The Neuron cell and Molecular Biology" I.B. Levitan & L.K>
> >> >Kaczmarek, 3rd ed.
> >> >eq2 from Principles of Neural Science", Kandel, Schwartz, Jessell, 4th
> >> >ed
> >> >They both are talking about the patch clamp technique.
> >> Thumbing through Kandel et al. 4th ed. chapters 7. 8, and 9 I can't
> >> find anything at all like your eq. 2.  That is a good thing because
> >> your eq. 2 doesn't make any sense at all and would never appear in
> >> that or any other text.
> >> The simple fact of physics is that membrane current is capacitative
> >> current plus ionic current.  Writing out the equations for those two
> >> current components in terms of voltage you get
> >> Im = C dVm/dt + Vm/Rm
> >>   where Im is total membrane current,
> >>              Vm is membrane potential
> >>              Rm is membrane resistance.
> >> If you know Im, then Vm is the solution to this differential equation.
> >> Under voltage clamp conditions when Vm is constant, then dVm/dt is
> >> zero so Im = Vm/Rm or Vm = Im Rm, which is something similar to your
> >> Eq. 1 without the exponential stuff.
> >> If you are NOT in voltage clamp and pass a rectangular current pulse
> >> through the membrane, the voltage will vary as the solution to the
> >> differential equation and you get your Eq. 1 including the exponential
> >> stuff.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with patch clamp.
> >> I can't imagine where you got Eq. 2.  Could you provide a page number?
> >Sorry for the error.   I made several errors, one being the
> >reference.  I was solving the equation: current - voltage/resistance =
> >Capacitance times dv/dt using a Mathematica.  It came about using the
> >book "Biophsics of Computation by C. Koch, 1999.  See fig. 1.3 on page
> >11.  The result that I got from the program came from a newsgroup,
> >from 5/7/2005.   When I was reading more about this I ran into the the
> >other equation, and that made me question from way back in 2005.
> >Sorry for the error.
> >Thanks for you help and patience.
> Not at all.  I taught this stuff for years and years (before my
> retirement) and know all the pitfalls students fall into.
> Please ask away.  That is what this news group is supposed to be for!

I appreciate your offer and will take you up on it.

I taught Mechanical Engineering for many years, and before that worked
in medical research.  My work life as an engineer started back in 73.
I used a slide rule when I went through school in PA.  I started to
study Neural Networks back in 87, and wrote programs for DOD.  My life
more or less came to an end in 92 when I became severely disabled.

I was never happy when every one said that neural networks are the
perfect model to show how the mind works.  So I started on my own to
learn Neuroscience in hopes of building a mathematical model of a
single neuron.    This has turned out to be a major chalange.  I am in
the process of writing a text book "The Neuron and the math behind
it".  I hope the book will help those in the medical field better
understand how drugs affect the mind, especially with kids with mental

I get really stuck at times.  One due to my health and the other, I am
stuck at home all the time.  I really miss talking to fellow facility
members about my ideas and so on and going to a library too look up
materials that I need.  My wife just picked up at the library "Patch
Clamping Techniques" by Areles Molleman.  I have been trying to go by
the papers from H and H from 52.  I cant afford journals to keep up,
even with some thing like this, so finding this book was like
discovering gold.

Any way, I just wanted you to know more about me, since I will be
asking many more "stupid" questions.  I apologize in advance for what
errors that I make.  Some times my health and the drugs cause my brain
to go south.

If you happen to know of any good sites to help me, I would appreciate

Thanks once again.

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