[Neuroscience] Re: membrane voltage equations which one

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Mon Sep 6 20:08:11 EST 2010

On Sep 7, 10:52 am, r norman <r_s_nor... from comcast.net> wrote:
, when they computed the action potential based on their
> voltage clamp data and used the simple ohmic relationship, it was not
> at all for lack of knowledge.  The finest details of the shape of the
> action potential don't really matter:  

Oh, I in no way meant any disrespect to the original H-H model, not
its use in modern computational neuroscience. I was just simply
wondering allowed, what it would look like if you computer a 'H-H
action potential' (read:ohmic) and one with the GHK equation used
instead. Whether there would be any noticeable difference, and how and
where that difference would manifest itself.

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