[Neuroscience] Re: Can anybody give me some information about the multi-neuron patch-clamp approach

严搏 蒋 via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by chiang.yan.boone from gmail.com)
Tue Mar 15 01:05:54 EST 2011

On 2月21日, 下午2时29分, Bill <connelly.b... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I can't see the pictures you are talking about, but, no. The data used
> for the Blue Brain Project is generated by standard 'manual'
> visualized patch clamp techniques.
> On Feb 19, 2:34 am, 蒋严搏 <persianmoon... from gmail.com> wrote:
> > which is used in Blue Brain Project.this is two pictures about it.
> > i want to know about the details of this techology, and whether this machine
> > patch neurons automatically or manually?if it's auto, how?
> > thanks a lot


in wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Markram
i found this "state-of-the-art tools to carry out multi-neuron patch
clamp recordings combined with laser and electrical stimulation as
well as multi-site electrical recording"

what is this tool exactly?

in my lab, i am just using microscope controlled manually, and Axon
digidata 1440A, MultiClamp 700B and 2 MP-225,as i see in here,

i seems that they combined the devices into a great system

do you have some infomation about this?

thanks a lot :)

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