[Neuroscience] sEPSC frequency in MSN

Andreas Görlich via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by goerlich from physik.uni-kl.de)
Thu Oct 20 11:57:47 EST 2011

Hi all!

I patched medium spiny neurons (MSN) in the dorso-lateral striatum of 4-6
week old mice and got some results I¹m quite puzzled about: My KOs show a
drastically increased sEPSC frequency (about 1.5 Hz in CTR, about 3.5 Hz in
KO), but no change in the paired-pulse ratio (PPR) or a short term depletion
protocol (STD, 10 Hz stimulation for 2 min). I don¹t have any idea, why
presynaptic physiology seems to be ok in PPR and STD, but not in sEPSC
recordings? It is not due to an increase in the number of synapses. Actually
synapse number is decreased in the KOs, which makes the story even more
curios. Is there any postsynaptic effect, that could increase sEPSC
frequency? Does anyone have a good explanation or idea how this could be?


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