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Announcing the Center for Visual Science's 28th Symposium

Computational Foundations of Perception and Action

June 1-3, 2012
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York

Conference Website:  Http://www.cvs.rochester.edu/symposium.html

The 28th Symposium of the Center for Visual Science will bring 
computational, neurophysiological and psychophysical researchers 
together who study the computational foundations of problems in 
sensory and perceptual processing ranging from low-level sensory 
coding to higher-level aspects of perception and action such as cue 
integration, decision-making and sensorimotor control.  Much of the 
research discussed at the meeting focuses on the visual system; 
however, included in the symposium will be speakers who study other 
sensory and motor systems, and multisensory processing involving 
vision and other modalities. The goal is to provide a forum for 
investigating the common foundational computational principles that 
underlay the many seemingly different functions of sensory systems 
(as well as how they differ) and to discuss how to link computational 
theories to underlying mechanisms to gain a deeper understanding of 
perceptual behavior. With this in mind, we have invited speakers who 
bring together computational and experimental approaches - whether 
that be by developing computational theories of human / animal 
performance, by conceptualizing and designing experimental studies to 
test computational theories or both.

Confirmed Speakers
Sensory coding
Sheila Nirenberg (Cornell University)
Mate Lengyel (University of Cambridge)
Adam Kohn - (Albert Einstein)
Adrienne Fairhall (University of Washington)

Integration and prediction in perception
Dora Angelaki (Washington University)
Ladan Shams (UCLA)
Anne Churchland (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories)
Paul Schrater (University of Minnesota)

Sensorimotor control
Flip Sabes (UC-San Francisco)
Daniel Wolpert (University of Cambridge)
Joern Diedrichsen (University College London
Mark Churchland (Columbia University)

Decision-making and cognition
Ben Hayden (University of Rochester)
Antonio Rangel (Cal. Tech.)
Daeyeol Lee (Yale University)
Christopher Harvey (Princeton)

Memory and learning
Chris Sims (University of Rochester)
Josh Gold (University of Pennsylvania
Aaron Seitz (Univ. Cal. Riverside)
Jeff Beck (University College London)

Key Dates
oPoster abstract submission: Monday, April 2
oTravel fellowship application deadline: Monday, April 16
oNotification of poster abstract acceptance: Monday, April 9
oNotification of travel fellowship funding: Monday, April 30
oRegistration closes: Friday, May 4

Registration Fees
Graduate students and postdocs:  $100
All others: $200

Program Committee
David Knill
Robert Jacobs
Alex Pouget
Greg DeAngelis
For queries about the meeting, contact Debbie Shannon at 585-275-2459 
or Debbie from cvs.rochester.edu

Debbie Shannon, Administrator
Center for Visual Science
University of Rochester
Meliora Hall 272
Rochester, NY  14627-0270
Phone 585-275-6864
Fax 585-271-3043

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