[Neuroscience] sutter p-97 flaming/brown micropipette puller

liangfang zhao via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by liangfangzhao from gmail.com)
Tue Jun 26 22:11:01 EST 2012

Hi everyone,
I have a question about the sutter p-97 pipette puller. The undergrads in my lab prefer to leave the puller on all the time through their experiment, and they say by leaving it on all the time it will give them more stable pipette tip opening and resistance. However what I do is I just shut it down after I get what I need and turn it on again when I need it again, and I really see no difference in my resistances. 

My question is, does it cause more damage to the puller if it's left on all the time (just like it's harmful for many other equipments if you leave them on for too long without using it)? I tried to read the manual and online but this issue is not addressed. But for such a delicate machine, I still have the intuition that it's not good to leave it on all the time. And if I simply say things like  "I don't think this is really the reason for unstable resistance (because my pipettes are totally fine)" they won't listen plus I don't want to be rude...Anyone knows? Thanks a lot!

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