[Neuroscience] summer school in neural circuits

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Wed Apr 2 12:41:52 EST 2014

Cologne Summer School and practical course on Neural circuit analysis

The understanding of nervous system activity in its physiological and
pathophysiological conditions is a fundamental goal of the neurosciences. 

In Cologne neuroscientists examine nervous system function in health and
disease across the molecular, cellular and network level. 

Here we announce a summer school with lectures and hands on experiments in
neural circuit analysis.

The summer school will take place on June 22 - 29, 2014 in the biological
department and medical faculty of the University of Cologne. 

We will accommodate 18 participants, who are expected to be later phase
M.Sc. students.


Principal Investigators involved:

Ansgar Büschges (chair) <http://www.neuro.uni-koeln.de/neuro-bueschges.html>

Sigrun Korsching (vice chair)
Jens Brüning <http://cecad.uni-koeln.de/Prof-Jens-C-Bruening.75.0.html> 
Alexander Drzezga <http://nuklearmedizin.uk-koeln.de/forschung-lehre> 
Gereon Fink <http://neurologie-psychiatrie.uk-koeln.de/neurologie/forschung>

Silvia Gruhn <http://www.neuro.uni-koeln.de/neuro-gruhn.html> 
Matthias Hammerschmidt
Peter Kloppenburg
Elena Rugarli <http://cecad.uni-koeln.de/Prof-Elena-I-Rugarli.139.0.html> 
Henrike Scholz <http://www.neuro.uni-koeln.de/neuro-scholz.html> 
Carmen Wellmann <http://www.neuro.uni-koeln.de/neuro-wellmann.html> 
Brunhilde Wirth



Application to the summer school

Submission deadline for complete applications is April 15, 2014

Please send as one PDF your CV, B.Sc. transcripts and degree, M.Sc
transcripts and one page letter of motivation in which you describe how this
summer school helps you for your scientific future. Please name two
references to us.

Contact: Dr. Isabell Witt, Zülpicher Str. 47, D-50674 Cologne, Germany 
Phone: +49(0)221 470 1683
Mail: isabell.witt from uni-koeln.de 

Applicants who are invited as participants to the summer school will be
informed about PhD possibilities in neurosciences in Cologne


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