[Neuroscience] Call for Papers: Open Special Issue in Journal of Vision: "Scene Perception from Central to Peripheral Vision"

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce a call for papers for a Special Issue of Journal of Vision, on
Scene Perception from Central to Peripheral Vision
A key issue in real-world scene perception is the roles played by central and peripheral vision. Central vision has the highest visual acuity and is where we pay the most attention. Since central vision only extends to about 5 degrees radius, peripheral vision is the vast majority of our visual field. Yet, the nature of peripheral vision is mysterious, in that our common intuitions about it are often wrong.

Many key topics related to scene perception from central to peripheral vision are outside of the topics traditionally studied under the heading of "peripheral vision." These topics include the role of peripheral preview in object recognition, the role of scene gist perception (based largely on peripheral vision) on eye movement guidance, or the role of foveal load on peripheral object or event perception. Furthermore, research and theories on the roles of central and peripheral vision in ventral functions (e.g., object and scene recognition) have little interchange with research and theories on the roles of central and peripheral vision in dorsal functions (e.g., prehension, locomotion, navigation, and balance). Thus, there is a need for a synthesis across these areas of research, which can be facilitated by creating a special issue on this topic.
Subtopics will include:
covert attention across the field of view in scenes (e.g., the UFOV/FFOV/perceptual span)
gaze guidance during fixations as a function of ecccentricity
using gist to guide foveal scene information extraction
gist extraction in peripheral vision
object recognition and crowding in peripheral vision
eccentricity biases in the coding of objects versus places in the brain
the roles of central versus peripheral vision for dorsal functions (prehension, locomotion, navigation, balance)
consciousness in central versus peripheral vision
Guest Editors:
Lester Loschky
Antje Nuthmann
Carl Gegenfurtner
Dennis Levi
Eero Simoncelli
Francesca Fortenbaugh
It is recommended that an abstract be sent by Dec. 1, 2014, in order to receive feedback on your proposed submission.  Please send abstracts by e-mail to Lester Loschky <loschky from gmail.com>, and use the following subject header in your e-mail:
"JOV Special Issue: Scene Perception from Central to Peripheral Vision: Proposed Abstract."

Paper Submission Deadline: June 1, 2015



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