[Neuroscience] Course Speaking with Confidence and Impact for scientists, Barcelona, March 4-5

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Thu Oct 11 05:12:03 EST 2018

   Dear colleagues,

   Transmitting Science is offering= the following course "Speaking with
   Confidence and Impact" tha= t can be of interest for members of this

   This course is for&#16= 0;researchers at different levels that want to
   improve their ability t= o speak in public in a confident and
   authentic way.

   For motivated, in= telligent people with purpose, the challenge in
   public speaking is not find= ing what to say, but finding a relaxed,
   focused and engaging way = to say it.

   Staying grounded in yourself and connected with your = audience is the
   key to having a successful impact in public speak= ing, and this is
   increasingly true in the noisy, competitive environment of= scientific

   Traditional presentation training attempts to b= uild speaker capacity
   by working on externals like body posture a= nd vocal projection. This
   workshop includes these elements but also works a= t a deeper level to
   help participants build genuine confidence on the&= #160;inside.

   At this workshop participants will learn to:
     * = Communicate your research more effectively and with more
       impactStrengthen core confidence and `presence' as a spea= ker
     * Build on and practice the English language of present= ation
     * Learn strategies for managing Q+A and discussions a= fter a talk
     * Design and use PowerPoint slides more effecti= vely
     * Engage and inspire audiences on a whole new level

   Instructor: Millie Baker (The Speaking Adventure, Un= ited Kingdom).

   Dates: March 4^th-= 5^th 2019.

   Place: Capellades, Bar= celona (Spain).

   With best regards


   Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno, PhD

   Scientific Direct= or

   Transmitting Science

   www.transmittingscien= ce.org


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