Attaching NG108-15 cells

Theo Schoenmakers theos at
Mon Jan 24 05:36:38 EST 1994

Dear netters,

There was a discussion on letting PC-12 cells attach here recently. I 
have quite a similar problem, and I hope someone can give some hints on 
how to resolve it.

I am working with NG108-15 cells, a hybridomal cell line of a rat 
neuroblastoma and a mouse glioma. These cells were fine, growing 
quickly and attaching with no problem on culture dishes till about a 
month ago. After we took them out of the liquid nitrogen after the Xmas 
holidays, nothing is working out.

The cells have a very hard time attaching to culture dishes. Coating 
the dishes with collagen doesn't really seem to help much. Lately I had 
one lot that was attached reasonably. However, after changing the 
medium for one with 10 uM prostaglandin E1, 1 mM theophylline and 1% 
Foetal Calf Serum (instead of the usual 10%) in order to start a 
differentiation, the cells let go of the support after two days. This 
treatment did not pose any problems a month ago.


Does anyone have an idea? Suggestions? Please....

Thanks a lot,
Theo Schoenmakers

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