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The SynapseQuarterly Newsletter of the Philadelphia Chapter Society for
NeuroscienceVolume XIX, Number 3, January 1995
[ Make sure you see seminar schedules at the end of this document]
Eric Kandel To Present Sol Erulkar Lecture At The Annual Meeting
Eric Kandel will present the Sol Erulkar Lecture at this year's annual meeting,
which will be held on May 12th at the Benjamin Franklin Hall of the American
Philosophical Society in Philadelphia.  The meeting will include both slide and
poster sessions and provides an excellent forum for students and technicians, as
well as more seasoned investigators, to present their work.  Students and
postdoctoral fellows can compete for the Eliot Stellar Prizes of $100 for best
presentations.  More details will be provided in the next issue of Synapse.
The Tom Rainbow Memorial Lecture will be held on March 20th, 1995 and will be
presented by Barry B. Wolfe, Ph.D. of the Department of Pharmacology at
Georgetown University School of Medicine.  The lecture will be held in the John
Morgan Building of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, with a
wine and cheese reception to follow.  All attendees are invited to join us for
dinner with the speaker.  An additional announcement of this seminar will be
mailed when details are finalized, but mark your calenders now!  Further
information can be obtained from Tim Shickley at (215) 707-2920 or
shickley at
Elis Stanley, Chief of the Synaptic Mechanisms Section at NINDS, gave the 1994
fall seminar on October 24 at the Dept of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Medical
College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University.  Dr. Stanley presented an
informative and entertaining lecture entitled "Calcium Channels and Transmitter
Release at a Presynaptic Terminal."  Following the lecture, Chapter members
discussed synaptic physiology at length with Dr. Stanley over wine and cheese,
and then enjoyed an exotic meal at a Burmese restaurant in Chinatown, which
stimulated both mind and capsaicin receptors.
As you may know, for the past two years the chapter's annual Past President's
Symposium has taken a new focus.  This revised format is a demonstration-rich
program for high school teachers and students which we call Neuroscience for the
High School Curriculum.  As Pennsylvania moves towards a more outcome-based
curriculum, many schools and teachers are looking for ways to enhance their
programs and we feel that introducing neuroscience is an excellent way to do
The goal of the symposium is to present ideas about how brain science is carried
out and we approach this through various clinical and research presentations
that have a substantial hands-on, interactive flavor.  Students and teachers
have a full afternoon to visit all of the various exhibits and engage the
different neurobiologists in conversations regarding their presentations.
Examples of past exhibits include demonstrations of polygraphy, liquid
chromatography, comparative brain anatomies, human brain dissections and
neuropathologies, EMG and prosthetic limb function and light therapy to name
just a few.  In addition, we have offered interactive computer programs such as
molecular modelling and color vision demonstrations as well as poster
presentations on general topics such as "What neurons do in the brain".
Another important goal of the symposium is to emphasize the necessity of animal
experimentation to further biomedical research and we usually have several
exhibits which involve small animals such as activity monitoring for rodents and
examples of genetic neurological mutants.  We have also been very fortunate to
have the past participation of Norm Wilkinson and the PA Society for Biomedical
Research and are hopeful to have them back again this year.  Norm's teaching
materials are truly outstanding and his generosity in providing these to the
high school teachers is greatly appreciated.
This year we have received a small grant from the Philadelphia School District
to defray some of the cost of this event and we are currently in the process of
contacting various schools and teachers and extending invitations to them.  This
year's symposium will be held on Thursday March 30th at Thomas Jefferson
University Alumni Hall.  Exhibit setup generally takes place in the morning with
students and teachers arriving for lunch around noon. Exhibits open around 12:30
P.M. and close around 4:00.
We are always looking for new exhibits/ presentations and would be happy to see
the involvement of more of our membership in this year's event.  We are very
excited about the development of the Past President's Symposium but we need your
help to keep the growth curve rising.  This unique event is arguably the
chapter's most important function since it is community-based and seeks to
educate the public about neuroscience as well as to nurture the next generation
of neuroscientists.  I truly hope that you will consider particiapting this
year.  If you are interested, please contact one of the chapter council members
and we can begin to plan our 1995 program.
Tom Ferraro, Ph.D.
1995 Past President
ferrarot at
The membership list has been updated into a new format using  Wordperfect.  Each
record now includes the membership class (Regular, R, Student, S, or unknown, ?)
as well as the year for which dues have been paid.  This appears on each mailing
label to the right of your name. Those members with "95" on the label have paid
dues for the current 1994-1995 year.  If a "94" appears on the label, we have
not yet received your dues.  Please complete the attached membership form and
mail your dues to the treasurer as soon as possible.
           AT-A-GLANCE SCHEDULE        OF CHAPTER EVENTS FOR 1995March 20
Tom Rainbow Memorial Lecture March 20, 1995: Dr. Barry Wolfe
Neuroscience in  The School Curriculum Symposium, March 30, 1995 at
   Thomas Jefferson University, Alumni Hall
Annual Meeting, May 12, 1995. Benjamin Franklin Hall, American Philosophical
     Society, Philadelphia, PA.
Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Info: (215) 842-4471
Feb 1  Andreas Buonanno, NIH
Feb 22  Barry Kosofsky, Mass. General Hospital.
Temple University
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,  Conference Room 616, Old Medical School
Building.  At 12:15 pm.  Info: (215) 707-3160
Jan 19.  Dr. John Trojanowski.  Dept Path & Lab Med., U. of PA.  "Molecular
substrates of neuron death in Alzheimer's and Lewy-body dementias".
( This seminar will be rescheduled)
Dept. of Pharmacology, Room 311 Medical Research Building. At Noon. Info: (215)
Jan 18.  Dr. Ron Pieringer.  Dept. of Biochem., Temple U. Sch. of Med.  "New
drugs to fight AIDS-related fungal diseases".
Jan 25.  Dr. C. Paul Bianchi.  Dept. of Pharm.,  Thom. Jeff. U.  "Myocardial
transport, magnesium and sudden death".
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Hospital Auditorium, Rock
Pavilion, 3401 N. Broad Street.  12:15 pm -1:30 pm.  Info: (215)707-1557.
Jan 13.  Piotr Olkowski, M.D., Dept. Psychiatry, Temple U. Hospital, "Sleep
Jan 20.  Shimon Wadfogel, M.D. Dept. Psychiatry & Human Behav., Thom. Jefferson
Univ. Hospital.  "Religion and spirituality in psychiatric practice".
Jan 27.  Robert Sadoff, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, U. of PA Hospital. "A
forensic update".
Feb 3.  Allan Cristol, M.D., Dept. Psychiatry, Temple U. Sch. of Medicine. "DSM
Feb 10.  William Lawson, Ph.D., M.D.  Dept of Psychiatry, U. of Arkansas VA
Hospital. "Recognizing and treating depression in African Americans".
Feb 17.  Romani George, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, Temple Univ. Hospital. "A
clinical case presentation".
Feb 24.  Gordon Hodas, M.D., Dept of Psychiatry, Temple U. Sch. of Medicine.
"Children's mental health".
Mar 3.  Charles Bowden. M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, Univ. of Texas at San
Antonio.  "New management options in bipolar disorders".
Mar 10.  Estelle Richman, Deputy Health Commissioner, City of Philadelphia.
"Managed care in psychiatry in the 20th century".
Mar 17.  Bruce Rounsaville, M.D.,  Dept of Psychiatry, Yale U. Sch. of Medicine.
"Comorbid psychiatric disorders".
Mar 24.  David Bienefeld, M.D., Dept of Psychiatry, Wright State University.
"Psychodynamics and psychotherapy of geriatric depression".
Mar 31.  Lance Bauer, M.D.,  Univ. of Connecticut Sch. of Medicine.
"Psychomotor and electroencephalographic sequelae of cocaine dependence".
Thomas Jefferson University
Department of Medicine (Rheumatology), Room 105, Bluemle Life Sciences Bldg.  At
1:00 pm.  Info: (215) 955-1007.
Jan 26.  William Earnshaw.  John Hopkins.  "Molecular mechanisms of nuclear
changes in apoptosis"
Feb 23.  Wilson H. Burgess.  American Red Cross.  "Structure-function studies of
fibroblast growth factor-1: evidence that activation of tyrosine kinase
receptors is not enough".
May 25.  Ashok B. Kulkarni. NINDS.  "Analysis of TGF-beta1 null mouse
Department of Psychiatry, Grand Rounds Seminars, DePalma Auditorium, Ground
floor, Thompson Building at 1025 Walnut St.  10:30 am - 12 noon.
Feb. 8  Michael Schwartz, MD.  Case Western Univ. School of Med. "A Cognitive
Neuropsychiatric Perspective on Mood Disorders"
Feb. 15  Matthew Menza, MD.  UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
"Psychiatric Aspects of Parkinson's Disease"
Feb. 22  Anthony Rothschild, MD. Harvard Medical School.  "Diagnosis, Biology
and Treatment of Psychotic depression"
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Biochemistry, Seminar Room 514, Chemistry Building, N.E. corner,
34th & Spruce Sts. or * Grossman Auditorium, The Wistar Institute, Corner 36th &
Spruce Sts. 4:00 pm.  Info: (215) 898-4771
Jan 19*  Jennifer Lindsey, FBI Lab., "Nucleic acid forensics".
Jan 25  Richard Brennan, Oregon, Hlth Sci Univ, "Pur repressor".
Jan 26  Charlene Mello, US Army RD&E Natick, "Spider silk".
Feb 2  Guy Salvesen, Duke, "Serpin".
Feb 9*  Rita Balice-Gordon, Dept. Biology, U. of PA, "Cellular imaging".
Feb 16  Barbara Migeon, Johns Hopkins, "Mammalian Devel. Path."
Feb 23  Fraydoon Rastinejad, Yale, "Nuclear Steroid Receptor".
Mar 2  Cheryl Arrowsmith, Toronto, "Trp repressor".
Mar 16  Edward Arnold, Rutgers, "HIV-RT"
Mar 23*  Frederick Dahlquist, Oregon, "Protein NMR".
Mar 30  Lawrence Kuo, Merck, "Enzyme structure & function."
Department of Pharmacology, Seminar Room M-100-101, Mezzanine John Morgan
Building.  At Noon.
Jan 23.  Dr. Terry Reisine. Depts. Pharm. and Psych., U. of PA.  "Molecular
biology of opioid receptors".
Jan 30.  Dr. Skip Brass.  Dept of Medicine, U. of PA.  "Thrombin receptors: the
peculiarities of being a protease-sensitive GPCR".
Feb 3.  Dr. Monique Cosman. Memorial Sloan-Kettering.  "Structural resolution of
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adducts".
Feb 6.  Dr. Jeff Joyce. Dept. Psych. U. of PA.  "Midbrain dopamine systems and
Feb 13.  Dr. Trevor Penning.  Dept. Pharm.  U of PA.  "Structure/function and
gene regulation of 3 alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase".
Feb 20.  Dr. Douglas Covey.  Depts. Mol. Biol. & Pharm.  Washington U.
"Neurosteroid modulators of GABAA receptors".
Institute of Neurological Sciences, 140 John Morgan Bldg, 36th & Hamilton Walk.
Refreshmants at 4:00 pm, seminars at 4:15 pm.  Info: (215) 898-7524/8754.
Jan 18.  Bryan Crenshaw, Ph.D.,  Dpet. Neuroscience, U. of PA.  "The role of
POU-homeodomain genes in the development of the mammalian nervous system".
Jan 25.  Ronald Davis, Ph.D., Dept. of Cell Biology, Baylor College of Med.
"The mind of a fly: molecules, cells and conditioned behavior".
Feb 1.  Paul Hartig, Ph.D., R&D, DuPont-Merck.  "Receptor activation in
heterologous expression systems".
Feb 8.  Carlos Plata-Salaman, M.D., Ph.D.,  School of Health & Life Sci., U. of
Delaware. "Cytokines and feeding behavior: an integrative view from neurological
to molecular levels".
Feb 15.  Charles Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.,  Lab. of Neurobiology, Rockefeller U.,
"Spatial integration and cortical dynamics".
Feb 22.  Margaret McCarthy, Ph.D., Dept of Physiology, U. of Maryland.
"Cellular and molecular mechanisms of steroid modulation of GABAergic

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