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Sun Apr 20 02:30:26 EST 1997

Hi my name is Michael and I was diagnosed with Hypsarrhythmia at a young
age and survived and am now fully cured.

The doctor informed my mother that this was an incurable disease and that I
should not have gotten better when or as fast as I did.

I was wondering if there is currently any form of cure in use today or are
children still dying from this supposedly incurable disease.
Any other case studies would also be nice if you know of any addresses for

Please E-Mail anything at all no matter how much of a scrap you may
consider it to be.  I have been looking for detailed information on this
disease for a long time, but because of it's rarity, have found very

P.S.  The Hospitals and doctors involved with my case have withheld all my
medical records and are not letting me have and of them or any part
thereof.  I suppose they think I'm going to sue them or something.  (My
case was handled extremely badly and I nearly died as a result of it)  I
was wondering if there is any way I could obtain my records!?

My E-Mail is Guardian at b023.aone.net.au
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